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This is the Frozen Orchid, Juliet Robot's signature shoe and the first design of the Spring 2018 collection. It's not an easy shoe to make: assembling its 25 parts requires precision detail work from our artisans. But we think the end result is not only eye-catching but captures the designer's vision.

You may be wondering what that vision is. Our designer, Hyangmi Kim, shared her inspiration. It's equal parts emotion and shapes.

How did you design Frozen Orchid?

I wanted to break away from the boring old loafer and make a new kind of volume. I like experimenting with organic shapes. For one of my previous shoes, I cut cloud shapes and placed them on the toe.

The 'wings' on the sides of Frozen Orchid look a bit like clouds too, but it's different. If you turn the bow on its side, it creates a wave-like shape. I converted that 3D shape into 2 dimensions. Basically, I turned the bow edge into a flat shape. That became the wings. It creates a feeling of strength and freedom.

What's important about strength and freedom to you?

Well, one of my favourite designers is Alexander McQueen. Of course he used a lot of shock value, but what I get from his work is a cold, mechanical feeling. Particularly his fetish gear created a sense of 'strong and sexy'. I want that too. My shoes are about women expressing our own strength.

Frozen Orchid also has some hidden design points. The surface is a strong structure, with metallic leather. But there's a bright pink highlight under the wing. A lot of minimal design relies on black, but I wanted colour for these shoes. If colour is emotion, then inside, we hide our true colours. Like Cindy Lauper said!

It's about colour.

Yes. I want to break the association of color with being flashy or cheesy. People like colour! I want them to express that directly.

Check out Frozen Orchid as part of our Spring 2018 Collection. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

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